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The Best Gifts For Women

 More from Variety that can actually inspire a person and their literal interest:

Choosing the right gift for the leading lady (or ladies) in your life can look different for every person: no gift is one-size-fits all. In fact, the most thoughtful gifts aren’t necessarily the most expensive or luxurious (although some certainly can be), but rather display that you’ve shown interest in their interests, hobbies (and maybe even obsessions) over the past year.

How smooth and fluffy gift and its enormous comforting effect can create big changes:

From a luxe silk pillowcase set to the buzzy Our Place Always Pan to the very chic (and very effective) Shower cap, here are the best gifts for women to shop this Mother’s Day.Snoozwear Blanket Robe

You don’t actually have to to be under the covers to feel like you’re in bed — thanks to

a brand new blanket robe, that brings all the magic from their puffy duvet comforters to this cosy sweater. Gift comfort this year with this genius loungewear piece, featuring large armholes for easy manoeuvring and convenient pockets to carry anything you need.

Whether your partner’s workout of choice is yoga, Pilates or cardio, friend’s Collective has you covered with a wide range of athletic wear that are stylish, functional and sustainable. The Simon High Support Bra features adjustable criss-cross straps and sewn-in cups for a supportive bra that also works just as well for a HIIT workout as it does running casual errands. Plus, like all their pieces, the set is completely sustainable, made out of 12 water bottles diverted from landfills, and able to be recycled through their friend program when you’re done with them.

It’s always the small things that can make someone feel like a million bucks, which is why splurging on high-end versions for everyday products that are part of our daily routines is always worth it. With this high-fashion scrunchie from Prada, your partner’s night-time regimen will feel that much more luxe. Plus, she’s bound to not lose this one like every other hair-tie she buys.

Show the woman in your life that they deserve to sleep like a queen. Nothing feels more luxurious (and promises a restful night) better than a silk pillow set. Not only are they cool to the touch when the blankets get too warm at night, but they can even help with fine lines and wrinkles thanks to the silk’s amino acids known to improve skin. Plus, this set is currently in a a good price, meaning you don’t have to spend more than 30,00 € for this lush gift.

Nothing keeps your hair dry and frizz-free while showering like Shower cap which is a total (very chic) reinvention of the shower cap. It’s made out of nanotech and hydrophobic fabric that is 100% water repellent and resistant, fits all your hair in one swoop, is machine washable and perhaps best of all, lasts literally forever. We’ve had the same cap forever and ever and it’s still adorable and still protects out hair from copious washes. Plus, they come in dozens of fun patterns and colours.

The vinyl boom is still booming. Since overtaking CD sales for the first time last year, fans continue to rush to get their hands on physical LPs from their favourite artists. And their popularity makes sense. Owning a record can feel like a special act of loyalty to the artists that are important to people and can double as a fun way to show off music taste in the form of wall décor. Adele fans will likely want to add to their record collection with the singer’s latest album “30,” which became an instant best-seller on almost every retailer that added it to their shelves upon release. But if the person you’re gifting has other top artists, you can always check out Amazon’s Vinyl of the Month Club to explore other retro LPs to gift. Take your present to the next level by pairing it with the best-selling Victrola record player.

Anyone with Italian roots, a love for cooking or an infatuation with the 61 year-old heartthrob will want to dive right into Tucci’s newest best-selling book, which doubles as a memoir of the award-winning actor and cookbook. But in his new book, the focus is less about the recipes and more about the stories behind them, from shooting foodie films such as “Julie & Julia” and “Big Night” all the way back to his experiences in the kitchen while growing up in Westchester, New York. Check out more gifts for pop-culture obsessed foodies in this roundup of celebrity cookbooks, in addition to these “Top-Chef” inspired gift guide for chefs.

Just because something is “basic” that doesn’t mean it can’t have a little kick of fun. Upgrade your loved one’s skin care routine with an ultra-chic, exceedingly fun bathrobe from designer Ellen Van Dusen. You don’t have to be an extrovert to love their playful patterns and especially soft terry-cloth fabric. It’s a great way to make the end and start of your day feel special and unique. Get this because you know they would never buy it for themselves, and they deserve a little treat.

Madewell has a bunch of high-end DIY kits on their site that make thoughtful presents for those who like to keep their hands busy. This best-selling candle kit has everything they need to recreate the luxurious candles from Readfield’s NYC, including all-natural soy wax, a reusable glass jar, dried flowers and energy stones for a fragrance that blends sandalwood and cardamom. Crafters might also like this tie-dye kit for adults.

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