The winter of 2021 when I applied for a seat in the Front Runner A great perks that came with the membership. As a member you have the possibility to try a lot of apparels. Tights, T-shirts and jackets have been tried and tested with a lot of positive surprises. Especially the jackets meant to be worn during the colder periods have been great.

BUT it is the selection of different shoes that has been the real fun part. Running shoes have the last couple of years been on the pricier side and having the possibility to try shoes is a real benefit that I am very grateful of.

We all have our favorite pair of shoes that we use over and over again but shoes also need to rest. Rest to recover their bounciness and stability and it is always good to have a pair of extra shoes to swap between. However, shoes are, as it said, pricey and not all can afford two or maybe three pair of running shoes and this is where the great part of being a member of the ASICS FrontRunner team comes in to play.

Right now THAT alternate and rotate between 3-4 road running shoes and 2 different trail running shoes. All different in shape and form and with their specific purpose. The road running shoes- All rather different but all very competent and comfortable shoes to run in.

Which one do you prefer? Tricky question?

The conclusion is that one the main benefits of being a part of the, test and evaluate a range of different shows and as a result being able to spread the reviews to other runners out there.