• A PROFESSIONAL handbag restorer showed her routine for getting designer bags looking brand new and if it’s good enough for Prada… It’s good enough for Primark.
  • Those who want to keep their purses looking polished can take tips from the expert and make sure that they can use their accessories for far longer.


  • They took a cotton bud and cleaning solution to remove any grim from the bag’s.

Using precision tweezers they plucked away any hair and fluff caught on the

Working on a fancy Louis Vuitton bag, the pros showed off the handiwork at The Rectory.

They uploaded the clip with the caption: “From lining to stitching, canvas to leather, hardware to handles… we give each part of your bag the attention that it deserves.”

They went on to show exactly how they care for the luxury products and how you can do the same.

To start off with they took a cotton bud and used it to gently clean the leather lining and straps, making sure to get right in every nook.

Next they tackled the inside of the bag using a narrow hoover attachment to get right in there are suck up all the dust that had collected at the bottom.

They then took precision tweezers and plucked out any fluff or hair that was caught in the lining of the bag.